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Finally, the Shower Cap that’s LARGE enough to give you full coverage and protect your hairstyle from getting ruined.

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Don’t you wish you could find a shower cap that covers your edges?

Wouldn’t you feel excited that you didn’t have to worry about your hair getting wet?

Isn’t it time for you to stop wasting time on retouching your hair and spending money on so called extra large shower caps that don’t fit?

Imagine if you can avoid your locs and braids from getting wet and taking forever to dry.

What if you don’t have to worry about your blowout getting ruined in the shower? 

Your search is over!


Here’s The Shower Cap That’ll Make Your Life Easier!

Protecting Your Hairstyle in 3 Easy Steps…

Step 1

Gather your hair from the nape and gather on top of your head.

Step 2

Put the FabU Cap on starting at the nape and pull over hair toward forehead.


Step 3

Adjust the cap so that your edges are fully covered.  Remember to cover your ears or some hair may be exposed.

Don’t Shorten Your Shower Because Of Your Hair

How many times have you taken a quick shower so you don’t mess up your hairstyle?

I know exactly how you feel, because I’ve done it too.

With the FabU Cap you can enjoy a long invigorating shower — without the worry.

Choose The FabU Cap That Fits


Shower Needs


Use this breathable Shower Cap for light showers.  It’s great for blowout styles because it reduces hair swelling due to humidity.

(more colors available)


 Use this Shower Cap for hard showers (rain, pulsating) to deep condition and hydrate your hair.

(more colors available)


 Use this beautiful Flower Cap for all types of showers.


 Extra large sleep bonnet with comfortable band.  Exquisite fabric is soft, breathable and does not slip.

(more colors available)

FabU Spa Essentials


Warm smells of toasty chestnut and caramelized sugar with hints of cinnamon spices with sweet and earthy finish.


The  satisfying bold but delicate fragrance of a blossoming magnolia, freesia and peony with a clean finish.


A Rasta twist of rum and tropical fruits with a fusion of melon and coconut blended into an irresistible scent. 


Give way to a blossoming scent of gardenia and lemon peel with a hint of jasmine and green florals.


                              The melodic notes of apple and black currant with a hint of black cherry fragrance.  

Tiki Escape Sugar Scrub Cubes


The Unwind Gift box is all someone special needs to revitalize the body and strengthen their spirit.  An assortment of bath and beauty products are brought together to fill this lovely gift box.   

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Tiki Escape Sugar Scrub Cubes


An addicting blend of tropical pineapples, mango, papaya, mixed with Hawaiian floral scents.

Serenity Garden Sugar Scrub


A delightful fresh and clean spa scent with hints of delicate florals and succulents.  

Tiki Escape Sugar Scrub Cubes


An enticing blend of bergamot & warm, creamy sandalwood with rich musk. Unisex blend. 


ReUsable Masks

100% Cotton, Breathable, Double Layered, Washable, Ear Loops & Filter Insert  (More Colors Available)

3-Ply Disposable Masks

10 Pcs per Pack of High Quality, Ear Loops & Hidden Nose Strips

Customers Love Their FabU Cap

Trust Badge

“I received my FabU Cap as a gift from my friend Ethel…. I have long locs and when I tell you love this cap…. It fits great all my locs fit with no problem…. Best gift ever”

“I Love Love Love my FabU shower cap. It is a quality product, fits snug and keeps water out. I highly recommend it.”
Carolyn R.

“My FabU Cap is Everything!!!”
Tamara B.

Marks of Beauty Salon

“It keeps my hair dry while still looking cute!”

LaShawndy C.

“It’s all about my hair today. Giving myself a protein treatment to strengthen my locs. I used 3 eggs (for length) mixed with olive oil. I covered with my steam FabUcap and sat under the dryer for 15 minutes then uncovered for the last 15 minutes. Covering with my FabUcap during the first 15 minutes keeps all the “goodness” in my hair and minimizes drippings all over my shoulders.”

Kimberly C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this shower cap really fit my hair?

The FabU Cap fits all hair types…braids, dread locs, big hair, long tresses and more.  Hair lengths up to 22 inches and more can fit into the caps. We do provide a larger cap by request at

Is it worth the cost?

Yes! Think about how much money you spend a year on buying cheap shower caps, that easily break and don’t cover all your hair.

When you buy the FabU Cap you won’t have to spend more money on buying new shower caps each month. 

Is it latex-free?

Yes, the FabU Cap is latex free.

Why does my FabU Cap look discolored?

The FabU Shower Cap is made of material instead of plastic, so beauty creams and oils used on the hair and face may cause discoloration.  We ensure you this does not reduce the effectiveness of the cap, it provides you uniqueness.

Will My Shower Cap Transfer/Bleed Color?

Your FabU Caps rich color may bleed or transfer color when wet to other objects or garments.  Please hang loosely away from items until completely dry.  Magic Eraser can remove such stains.

How long will this shower cap last?

The FabU cap is made of quality materials and will last you for a long time (2 or more years).  There will be no need to buy replacement shower caps because FabU Cap will be all that you need.

How long will it take for my FabU Cap to arrive?
We process orders for shipping 1 to 2 days after purchase.  We ship with USPS First Class mail and priority.  In most cases, products are delivered within 3 business days.  The cost of shipping varies based on the purchase, and buyers will receive shipping prices during the checkout process.
We currently ship anywhere in the United States.  Currently, we do not ship internationally.
How do I care for my FabU Cap?

Machine or Hand Wash in cold water with mild detergent.  Hang dry away from other garments in case of color transfer.

What is Your Return Policy?

We have a 30-day return policy if the Shower cap is returned in good condition you’ll receive your full refund back.  If you would like a hassle free return, please send an email to



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